VSEA Members Pack VLRB Hearing Room

March 20, 2018

March 20, 2018



VSEA members came out in force this morning to pack the Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB) hearing room, where VSEA Bargaining Team representatives are making their members’ case for a fair contract. The Scott Administration, sadly, isn’t playing ball, wanting to double employee health care co-pays and slash the membership’s drug plan, in addition to asking for other givebacks.

The Teams remain buoyed by the fact-finder’s report (which favors many of the VSEA Teams’ positions) because it will be an important resource for the VLRB during this process.

This is the final stage of the collective-bargaining impasse process, following unsuccessful negotiations that began in August 2017. The VLRB is charged with selecting between the parties’ last-best-offer packages, considering them in their entirety and without amendment. However, should the VLRB find that each side’s last-best-offer is unreasonable and likely to produce undesirable results—or likely to result in a long-lasting negative impact upon the parties’ collective-bargaining relationship—the VLRB may select the fact-finder’s recommendations on disputed issues submitted to the VLRB in the last-best-offers.

The VLRB’s decision is expected by March 30, and it will be final and binding.

Thanks to Aimee Towne for submitting the photo above! Show your solidarity with the Teams by sending us a photo of you and your colleagues holding "Fair Contract Now" signs and post it to the VSEA Facebook page! Download signs here!

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