VSEA Labor Relations Director Shares DHR’s Response To VSEA’s Request For Shutdown Impact Bargaining With Council

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June 13, 2018  

June 13, 2018  



At yesterday’s VSEA Council meeting, Labor Relations Director Gary Hoadley shared the letter he received back from DHR, concerning VSEA’s request to impact bargain with the State, prior to a government shutdown. In the letter, DHR tells Hoadley it doesn’t believe it has to impact bargain with VSEA but would happy to "talk" with us about it. DHR also wrote it would be happy to answer any questions VSEA has, but did not answer any of the questions VSEA asked in its letter. DHR’s response arrived just a few days after DHR Commissioner Beth Fastiggi told VTDigger that DHR has had zero discussions about its role in a possible gov’t shutdown.


Meanwhile, the clock is ticking towards July 1, and there is still no budget resolution in sight. At yesterday’s Council meeting, members heard from Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe, who shared his similar frustration with the Scott Administration’s lack of compromise and lack of answers. Ashe implored members to light up the Governor’s phone and email with a message to "end the budget stalemate today." Ashe and several VSEA members also reminded that many Republican House members had initially voted in favor of the budget, but then Scott asked them to recant and they did. VSEA is planning to target some of these representatives in a soon-to-come lobbying effort.


VSEA continues to urge members to contact the Governor’s Office today with a strong message "not to shut down government."


Contact Governor Scott Here

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