VSEA Judiciary Unit Members Are Going To Need All Members’ & Retirees’ Support Early In 2020

December 26, 2019

Unlike VSEA’s Executive Branch members, who negotiate contracts directly with the Governor’s Office, VSEA’s Judiciary Unit members negotiate directly with the Court Administrator. VSEA Judiciary Unit Bargaining Team members report that the Court Administrator has been very difficult to negotiate with the past and she is, sadly, again being very difficult in the Unit’s current round of bargaining, which began a few months back.

The Team reports the Administrator is again employing a “my way or the highway” approach at the table, meaning “take-it-or-leave-it” wage proposals with unfavorable conditions for the workers attached, requests to drop union proposals outright, and, especially unnerving to the Judiciary Unit Team, dragging her feet when asked to schedule new dates to bargain. The Team is angry that there are currently weeks between sessions. The Team’s next scheduled negotiating session is January 8.

This post is just a heads-up, as VSEA Judiciary Unit members will almost certainly be asking the entire VSEA membership, including retirees, for help and solidarity in the coming weeks and months. They will be sharing Information about what you can do on VSEA’s Facebook and Twitter pages, the union’s website, and through email and texting. Judiciary Unit members are saying thanks in advance for your support in 2020!

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