VSEA Joins the AFL-CIO

For Immediate Release
Contact: Steve Howard
(802) 793-7930

MONTPELIER, Vt. Building upon the growing power of its nearly 6,000 members, the Vermont State Employees’ Union (VSEA), the union that represents the vast majority of State employees in Vermont and nearly 200 members on the campuses of Vermont State University, has voted to join the AFL-CIO.

“It is time to come together and heal the wounds of the past few years. We need to bring back unity to the Vermont Labor community and give voice to our members and thousands of workers throughout Vermont who have felt left behind and left out in recent years” said Aimee Towne, President of the VSEA.

Towne spearheaded the move to bring one of Vermont’s largest and most effective unions into the coalition of unions that make up the AFL-CIO— with a desire to build unity and empower to workers in Vermont. Towne wants Vermont to make big progress in growing the Labor movement by finally having the right leadership in place to convince the state legislature to pass the PRO Act, the bill that will end the ability of the boss to intimidate workers who seek to form and grow their union.

“I am excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work on building unity, bringing people back together, and finding new leaders in Vermont that will allow us to get things done that on behalf of our members and workers across the state,” added Towne.

VSEA will now become an active participant in the national, state, and regional structure of the AFL-CIO, and looks forward to taking advantage of this partnership to improve the lives and working conditions for Vermont’s workers and their families.