VSEA Executive Director Clarifies That Any Vaccination Requirement Triggers Impact Bargaining

Several news reports this morning about Gov. Scott’s press conference yesterday, where he said, “We are now also considering expanding this [vaccination] requirement across state government, and we will have those discussions in the near future.” VSEA is cautioning the State that any vaccination requirement will trigger “impact bargaining” with VSEA Bargaining Units.

“The Administration can implement such a policy but they have to bargain the impact with VSEA,” reminds VSEA Executive Director Steve Howard. “Members who feel strongly one way or the other about a requirement and its impact should reach out right away to their Bargaining Team members to discuss their concerns.”

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Note: After a vaccination mandate was recently implemented in Washington state, state employees there filed a lawsuit against the State, arguing the Governor failed to negotiate this “working condition” which the union contract mandates.

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