VSEA Activate! Calls To VT Senators Needed, Supporting S. 156: The VSEA Arbitration Bill

April 15, 2019 

April 15, 2019 


S. 156 seeks to resolve contract negotiation disputes, using an arbitrator mutually selected by VSEA and the State.

Under existing law, the Governor gets to select the jury, meaning the members of the Vermont State Labor Relations Board.

S. 156 is PROSPECTIVE in nature and will apply to contract negotiations that begin in August. It won’t interfere with the existing contract.

Last year, Karen O’Neill was not confirmed by the Senate because even though she was appointed to fill a "neutral" position on the board, she in fact had strong management background.

However, the damage was done.

The contract which she voted to imposed on state employees set back precedent 40 years.

Please, contact your Democratic Senators and urge support for this legislation when it comes up in the Democratic caucus on Wednesday at 8 a.m.

Messages for your Senators may be left with the Sargent At Arms 802-828-2228.

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