VSEA 2021 Scholarship Winners!

The nation and Vermont’s ongoing fight to defeat coronavirus forced the VSEA Council to again conduct their June meeting, via Zoom. Sadly, this is the meeting each year where the Council hosts a special luncheon to honor the winners of a VSEA scholarship, presenting each winner with a check, certificate, and some VSEA-themed items. More important, the luncheon is an opportunity for the Council and members of VSEA’s Awards and Scholarships Committee, who selected the winners, to personally applaud each, as well as their accomplishments and future goals. But it was not meant to be again this year, like so many things.

Special congratulations to this year’s VSEA 2021 Scholarship winners. The fact you were–or are still–continuing to persevere and excel scholastically during a pandemic is a fact that was not lost on members of the Awards and Scholarships Committee and VSEA leaders.

Here are the 2021 winners in alphabetical order:

Cameron Brown

Cameron is the son of VSEA member Karen Lee Brown; an Investigator with the Agency of Human Services’ Office of Child Support. Cameron is already enrolled at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Olivia Burt 

Olivia is the daughter of VSEA member Melissa Van Etten; a Benefits Program Mentor with the Agency of Vermont Health Access in Waterbury. Olivia is applying to a lot of local colleges and universities. Once she narrows her choice, Olivia will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both psychology and secondary education.

Ben Isabelle

Ben is the son of VSEA member Cassie Bell; a Grants Management Analyst with the Department of Housing and Community Development in Montpelier. Ben is applying to a lot of local colleges and universities. Once he narrows his choice, Ben will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with an emphasis on forensic psychology.

Kristina Kiarsis

Kristina is an active VSEA member who works as a Public Health Programs Administrator with the Department of Health in Burlington. She is applying to UVM and the University of Michigan, where she will pursue a master’s in public health.

Penny Ly 

Penny is the daughter of VSEA member Hon Ly; a Custodian with the Department of Buildings and General Services in Burlington. Olivia is applying to UVM, Middlebury College and the University of Connecticut. Once she narrows her choice, Penny will be pursuing a degree in biology.

Kennedy Wimble

Kennedy is the daughter of VSEA member Jeffrey Wimble; a Financial Manager with the Department for Children and Families in Waterbury. Kennedy is currently enrolled at Norwich University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. Upon graduation, Kennedy hopes to continue her education by completing a nurse practitioner program. 

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