VSEA 2020 Scholarship Winners!

The COVID-19 crisis forced the VSEA Council to cancel its most recent meeting at Castleton University. Sadly, this is the meeting each year where the Council hosts a special luncheon to honor the winners of a VSEA scholarship, presenting each winner with a check, certificate, and some VSEA-themed items. More important, the luncheon is an opportunity for the Council and members of VSEA’s Awards and Scholarships Committee, who selected the winners, to personally applaud each, as well as their accomplishments and future goals. But not to be this year, like so many things.

Congratulations to this year’s VSEA 2020 Scholarship winners, who are in alphabetical order:

Taylor Abbott

Taylor is the daughter of VSEA member Karen Abbott; a Grants Manager with the Agency of Education. Taylor has already been accepted to three universities, including Castleton, where she will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science, eventually wanting to enter the field of nursing as a registered nurse. Taylor writes in her scholarship essay:

“With all that is going on in the world right now, the need for nurses has never been more apparent. Healthcare worker are selflessly dedicating their lives to help those affected by COVID-19. Their commitment has reassured my desire and need to become a nurse. After graduation in 2022, my goal is to work as a Registered Nurse here in Vermont. Doing this will allow me to give back to the community that raised me.” 

Meghan Rae Curran

Meghan is the daughter of VSEA member Thomas Curran; an Investigator Supervisor with the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery’s Enforcement Division. Meghan is currently enrolled at the Universities of Vermont, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science, eventually wanting to enter the field of nursing as a registered nurse. Jaden writes in her scholarship ​essay:

“My time volunteering at (Rutland Regional Medical Center) has made me passionate about patient care and has opened my eyes to a wide variety of opportunities I can pursue in the healthcare field. ​I have had so many interactions with nurses, and seeing how passionate they are has influenced me to receive my BSN-RN degree. I hope to become an emergency room travel nurse.”

Nicholas Daigle

Nicholas is an active VSEA member who works as a Probation Officer with the Department of Corrections. Nicholas has been attending the Community College of Vermont, and he will hopefully soon begin studies at Northern Vermont University, where he will pursue a degree in psychology. Timothy writes in his scholarship essay: ​

“I have worked for the Vermont Department of Corrections since I was 17 years old. I started my career as a temporary correctional officer in Rutland. I eventually was given a full-time correctional officer position. I was later promoted to a correctional officer 2, then a community corrections officer, and most recently a probation officer. Ultimately, my goal will be to obtain my masters in psychology to better assist the population I serve.”

Jaden Emily Sanborn

Jaden is the daughter of VSEA member Nicholas Burnham; a Work Crew Leader with the Department of Corrections. Jaden is currently enrolled at Paul Smith’s College, where she is pursuing a degree in disaster management and response. Jaden writes in her scholarship ​essay:

“When I first began the transfer process to Paul Smith’s College, I intended on studying forestry once again, but in the same week that I applied they released a brand-new major called Disaster Management and Response. Something inside me immediately lit up and I knew that this was the career path that I was intended to take. As some people say it takes a certain kind of person to run into danger while others are typically running away, and I feel that I am one of those people who can step up in order to ensure the safety of those around me.​”

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