VLRB To Hear VSEA Bargaining Teams’ Motion To Reconsider On July 12!

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July 10, 2018  

July 10, 2018  



VSEA members and retirees are reminded that the Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB) is holding a July 12 hearing on the VSEA Bargaining Teams’ motion to reconsider the Board’s March 30 decision in favor of the Scott Administration’s last-best-contract-offer.


One of the Board members ruling for the State on March 30 was then-newly appointed VLRB member Karen O’Neill, whose confirmation to the Board as a "neutral" was rejected weeks later by the Vermont Senate. Two sitting VLRB members later penned a letter to Governor Scott, imploring him to own the O’Neill appointment debacle and work to restore faith and trust in the body’s ability to be fair and impartial.


VLRB Hearing – VSEA Motion To Reconsider 

VSEA Bargaining Teams vs. Scott Administration
13 Baldwin Street
10:00 a.m.


Note: Seating at the VLRB is limited, so VSEA is opening up its large board room at 155 State Street so interested members and retirees can listen to the proceedings, via speaker phone. 

2018 Contract Fight Timeline:


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