Vets’ Home Passes Inspection With Flying Colors — Again!

August 4, 2016

August 4, 2016



The Rutland Herald reports that the Vermont Veterans’ Home is celebrating another deficiency-free inspection; the second in a row for the facility and its VSEA workforce.

"The deficiency-free survey is significant for several reasons. First, a deficiency-free survey doesn’t mean an adequate result or even a very good result but that no deficiencies at all were identified. Second, the result is the fourth in a row with similar results. The CMS survey from 2015 and the CMS survey from 2016 found no deficiencies."

VSEA once again applauds and congratulates the VVH workers for doing an exceptional job for our veterans and for again proving the voices at the State House who lobby constantly to privatize your facility (even though experiments with private Vets’ Homes in several states have proven less than fruitful) wrong.

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