Vermont’s Radio Voice For Working People Needs Our Help!

Equal Time Radio with Traven is asking for our help because the show is in imminent danger of going away!

Please help save Equal Time Radio with Traven

As a listener and supporter of Equal Time Radio with Traven, I am asking for your help since we are in imminent danger of losing our show on WDEV/ Radio Vermont – Vermont’s major news/talk radio network of stations, having the broadest commercial radio audience in Vermont.

For the past 5 years, I have been privileged to host some 250 shows, interviewing over 100 guests (mostly Vermonters) on issues of economic, social, worker, and human rights, global, and environmental justice.  Every one of our programs was linked to building grassroots movements for change.  You can hear a few of our most recent interviews on our website at:

If you’ve been a listener, you know that the voices and perspectives that you hear on our program are unique on commercial radio.

If you appreciate our programming, I ask you to contact the President and Owner of the locally, family owned Radio Vermont Group, Ken Squire, as well as VP and General Manager Eric Michaels to:

1.     Politely thank them for allowing our perspective airtime for the past 5 years (something no other commercial station I’m aware of would do).

2.   Tell them how much you and others appreciate the program, and hope that they can find a comparable time for Equal Time with Traven to continue.



Ken or Eric have remained true to Radio Vermont’s founders’ stated mission, “to serve the people of Vermont with relevant programming reflecting the diverse interests of Vermonters.” For example, WDEV is the only commercial station in the country that plays Democracy Now.  It is possible that if they realized how many Vermonters listen and appreciate the programming we do, they might reconsider and allow us to continue to broadcast.

Ironically, our time slot is projected to go to the Ethan Allen Institute’s Common Sense Radio where you’ll hear rants against unions, the minimum wage, human rights, universal healthcare, public education, and which deny the reality of climate change.

Thanks in advance for your solidarity,



Equal Time Radio 
WDEV 550AM/96.1FM – 244-1777 or 1-877-291-8255
Mon-Tues 1-2pm

Have a show idea, email:

Missed our show? Find the audio from past shows on our website at: