Vermont’s Own Pension Chicken Little, David Coates, Will Be Promoting Alarmist Pension Theories At “Invitation Only” Conference

LG Chicken Little David Coates

August 30, 2017


Vermont’s own pension Chicken Little, David Coates, will be leading an upcoming "invitation only" conference to promote his annual "the pension sky is falling" theory, which is that underfunded teacher and state employee pension plans are ruining Vermont. In the past, VSEA President Dave Bellini has called out Coates for being an alarmist about a state employee pension system that is actually pretty well funded, compared to most states, and continues to hold its own, even given the volatility of the stock market.

The conference is titled "Promises Made, Promises Kept," and is billed as being about "the long-term consequences of unfunded and under-funded pension and health care liabilities of Vermont state employees and Pre-K-12 teachers." It’s sponsored by the Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy and the Vermont Business Roundtable, and is being held Tuesday, October 10, at Champlain College.

​VSEA Executive Director Steve Howard has been invited to the conference and will be attending, but interested state employees are also urged to try and score an invitation to this conference. Doing so helps ensure that some frontline workers are participating in a discussion that directly involves their benefits. And please let VSEA know if you will be attending.

Find out more about this conference and try to register here.

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