Vermont-NEA Members Urge State to Reach Settlement With VSEA

March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016


The Vermont-NEA released the following statement today in solidarity with VSEA members. Thank you for the support Vermont NEA!

Vermont-NEA Urges Shumlin Administration to Settle With State Workers

State’s largest union calls for state to return to table and reach quick, fair settlement


MONTPELIER, Vt. – Vermont-NEA’s 12,000 members stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters of the Vermont State Employees Association in their quest to reach a fair settlement with the administration of Gov. Peter Shumlin.


“As fellow public employees, we stand with the thousands of Vermont state workers who have so far been unable to convince the administration to reach a fair settlement, despite months of negotiating and compromising,” said Martha Allen, a K-12 librarian from Canaan, who serves as Vermont-NEA’s president. “It is long past time for the state to get back to the table. We urge the administration to do so.”


More than 4,000 state workers in three units – Non Management, Corrections, and Supervisory – have been working toward a settlement, only to be met with delays and resistance.


Earlier this month, the Vermont-NEA Board of Directors passed a resolution urging a rapid and fair conclusion to bargaining:


Vermont-NEA stands with VSEA in its desire to reach a reasonable and fair collective bargaining agreement with the Administration.  It is time for this round of negotiations to be brought to a successful and agreeable resolution.  It is also past time for the State of Vermont as a whole to come to terms with its insufficiently progressive approach to tax policy, which pits people and households, who are just trying to make things work, against each other.  It is time to adopt a thoroughgoing progressive tax structure that enables families to thrive, and our government to function well.


Vermont-NEA is the state’s largest union, with members in virtually every town in Vermont. The union’s 12,000 members spend their days working with and for Vermont’s children, ensuring that they have the best schools to prepare them for happy, productive lives.


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