Vermont Deputy Sheriffs Vote For VSEA Representation

Four months after the Governor signed S. 220, granting Vermont deputy sheriffs the right to collectively bargain a first contract, the Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA) is applauding a recent 16-1 vote by the deputy sheriffs for union representation from the VSEA. The total unit size is 20 deputy sheriffs across Vermont.

On behalf of the State Deputies, I would like to thank the Vermont State Employees’ Association for all the hard work and assistance they provided in our effort to join,” says Vermont Deputy Sheriff Thomas Oliver. “We are looking forward to continuing the relationship while working towards a contract.”

“It has taken a decade, but VSEA is pleased to finally welcome this group of state employees and be able to now begin working with them to secure a first contract that rewards the great service these men and women provide to Vermont every day,” says VSEA President Aimee Towne, noting that the VSEA’s campaign to bring representation to these workers actually began back in 2012. “The group is excited to get going, and VSEA is excited to help them win the wages, benefits and working conditions they deserve.”

Here is language from S. 220 that was signed in May 2022 and set the wheels in motion for the vote by deputy sheriffs for VSEA representation:

Deputy sheriffs paid by the State pursuant to 24 V.S.A. § 290(b) shall be part of a single, separate statewide bargaining unit, as determined to be appropriate by the Board pursuant to section 941 of this title, for the purpose of bargaining collectively pursuant to this chapter.