Unbeknownst To VSEA. State Expands Possible Relocation Sites For DCF Workers To Five Sites, Instead Of Just One. Good Move.

October 27, 2015

Pictured is the McFarland State Office Building


Yesterday, VSEA learned, via a press inquiry, that the State is no longer just considering moving DCF workers from the City Place Building in Barre to the McFarland State Office Building in Barre. Thanks to the press inquiry yesterday, VSEA now knows the State is expanding the number of possible relocation sites to five. This decision comes on the heels of a meeting last week between VSEA and the ANR workers who would be displaced, where they aired their concerns about the cost to retrofit two "wet labs" and wondered aloud about where they would store their vehicles and testing equipment. Again, to a person, the ANR workers want the DCF employees relocated, if that is what they want, but the move into McFarland would cost a lot of money, and if there are less expensive alternatives, the workers thought these should be explored–which apparently the State is now doing.

VSEA is meeting with the Barre DCF workers tomorrow to talk with them about a possible move and what their needs are.

Read The VtDigger story about the move here.


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