To Retain IT Public Employees, California Union Says “Pay State Workers More, And You Will Save In Long Run”

August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017


The Sacramento Bee published a story on August 4, concerning a newly released SEIU report about how much money the state is spending on outsourced IT projects and how California could actually save money by bringing some of the work back in house.

According to the story, "California spent $2.5 billion on outsourced IT contracts last year. The union says that bringing the work in house could save taxpayers $700 million a year." 

“By investing in the state IT workforce, the state has the opportunity to address their reliance on costly outsourcing,” SEIU Local 1000 Vice President Margarita Maldonado says in the report.

Read Sacramento Bee Story.

Read SEIU IT Report.

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