Timeline of VSEA.org Posts For 2017-2018 Contract Fight

May 14, 2018: Thanks To Your Solidarity, VSEA Won An Important Battle, But… 

May 12, 2018: VICTORY! Senate Votes "No" On O’Neill Confirmation. Ball In Governor Scott’s Court Now. Do The Right Thing Or Reappoint? 

May 9, 2018: Senate Committee Votes "NO" On O’Neill Confirmation! Labor Cheers News! CALL YOUR SENATORS!

May 3, 2018: Facebook Live Video: Senate Economic Development Committee Continues The Karen O’Neill Confirmation Hearing

May 2, 2018: Facebook Live Video: Karen O’Neill Confirmation Hearing with Senate Economic Development Committee

April 27, 2018: VSEA Takes Additional Legal Action To Stop O’Neill Confirmation & Implementation Of VLRB’s Imposed Contract

April 26, 2018: Legislature’s Workers’ Caucus Sends Letter To Senate Economic Development Committee Members, Opposing O’Neill Confirmation

April 26, 2018: Your Calls Needed Today To VT Senate Economic Development Committee Members – "Say No" To O’Neill Confirmation"

April 23, 2018: Scott Administration Denied VSEA & Other Unions The Right To Representation On The "Review Panel" To Fill VLRB Vacancies

April 19, 2018: VSEA Files Unfair Labor Practice, Alleging State Bargained in Bad Faith With Three Executive Branch Units

April 16, 2018: It’s About The Work Record, Not Qualifications

April 13, 2018: All Hands On Deck! Help Your Union Stop The O’Neill Confirmation

April 12, 2018: Something Fishy? You Be The Judge

April 11, 2018: This Is “Neutral”? Stop The Confirmation!

April 10, 2018: VSEA Responds To More Of The DHR Commissioner’s Claims…

April 9, 2018: DHR Commissioner Argues Semantics

April 9, 2018: Bernie Agrees Vermont State Employees Should Have Access To "Needed Medicines"

April 9, 2018: As VSEA Waits For Rx Substitution List From Scott Administration, Worker Anxiety Builds

April 6, 2018: VSEA Labor Relations Director Responds To State’s Memo & Statements

April 3, 2018: First Fallout From Scott Administration’s Last-Best-Contract-Offer Is Delivery Of A New, Banned Prescription Drug List For 2019

March 30, 2018: VSEA Labor Relations Director Talks About Today’s VLRB Decision (Facebook Video)

March 30, 2018: VLRB Rules For State’s Last Best Contract Offer

March 20, 2018: VSEA Members Pack VLRB Hearing Room

March 16, 2018: VSEA Bargaining Teams Head To VLRB Next Week For Hearing

March 9, 2018: VLRB Schedules Contract “Last-Best-Offers” Hearing Date Of March 20

March 2, 2018: “There Was A Deal To Be Made Here,” Reminds VSEA Press Release

February, 26, 2018: Governor Does Not Want To Bargain Around Fact-Finder’s Report

February 23, 2018: VSEA Bargaining Teams Begin Prepping For Trip BackTo VLRB

February 9, 2018: VSEA Teams & State Receive Fact Finder’s Report

November 17, 2017: VSEA Negotiations Are (Again) Headed To Fact Finding