Thanks To Your Solidarity, VSEA Won An Important Battle, But…

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May 14, 2018:



Thanks To Your Solidarity, VSEA Won An Important Battle, But…

The VSEA Board of Trustees and the VSEA Legislative Committee are thanking VSEA members, retirees and supporters for your recent deluge of calls and emails to Vermont Senators, opposing Karen O’Neill’s confirmation to a "neutral" seat on the Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB). VSEA’s Legislative Team reports they heard from many Senators about the large number of calls and messages they were receiving in advance of Saturday afternoon’s historic vote (first time to oppose in 25 years). VSEA members’ solidarity, activism and support are the main reasons this vote turned out the way it did, and it’s a prime example of the power VSEA members and retirees can have when everyone is on the same page and moving the same direction. Like the old labor saying goes, "In unity, there is strength."

VSEA’s Legal Team continues to fight the O’Neill confirmation–and the process that led to her confirmation–at the VLRB and in Washington County Superior Court, but it is difficult to estimate timelines in these arenas. You can trust that any and all developments on the legal front will be reported as they happen.

While Saturday’s victory was important, please remember that there are still obstacles and fights ahead with respect to O’Neill’s confirmation, including the possibility that Governor Scott could soon reappoint O’Neill, without the Senate’s consent, which VSEA and all Vermont labor contend is required by statute.

For now, VSEA is urging members, retirees and supporters to continue calling and messaging the Governor’s office, saying:

"Listen to the Senate. Don’t reappoint Karen O’Neill to the VLRB neutral seat."

Gov. Scott Contact Information Here.

Thanks again to the entire VSEA community. Solidarity!


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