Testimonials Coming In To VSEA About Great “VSEA Day at Six Flags” Experience!

VSEA thanks all the members who came down to Agawam to enjoy "VSEA Day at Six Flags NE."

"My husband and our daughter went to this and loved it.  It is a great idea, and the price is wonderful.  We will make it a tradition if it continues with VSEA! 

Beth Aiken


"I attended this year’s event with my husband and kids and we had a GREAT time!  The weather was perfect and the lines we so short that we were able to do go on six rollar coaster rides in one hour!  We had a conversation with some other guest of the park as they had asked us about the cost for the water park.  I informed them that was included in their park cost.  They noticed that I had on my meal wristband and question what it was for. I was telling them what a great group deal that we had through my union and they were very impressed as they spent way more money than I in getting into the park not even including the food and drinks.  They thought it was cool that an employees union would do this type of thing.

I also attended this event last year with my daughter (as my husband was in Afghanistan) as well as a friend and we had an equally enjoyable time.  I think the lines were a little bit longer, but not too bad, that we couldn’t enjoy many rides.  I had also gotten tickets for my mother-in-law and my neice and nephew to come and enjoy. 

I have attached a picture of my husband and I on the Bazzaro ride at the end.  We ended up going on this 77 mph roller coaster three times! 

I hope that VSEA is able to continue to offer this as it is a very affordable way to go to a theme park.  I think having this on Battle of Bennington Day is great as it is towards the end of the summer and therefore not as crowded as normal.  We actually made a long weekend of camping and started out at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH for the Indy Car race, then proceeded to Foxboro on Monday to attend a VIP luncheon at Gillette Stadium and attended a private practice of the New England Patriots, before ending up in Agawam at Six Flags.  It was an awesome weekend! 

Thanks again,
Judy Morse
Mental Health

"Just want to say, I had a fantastic time yesterday at six flags. It was a lot of fun. It as such a good time, never had to wait in line and the food was fantastic.  We are definitely doing it again next year with many more people. Thank you!

Michele Brown