Stowe Mountain Being Sold? Time To Renegotiate The State’s Mountain Lease?

Stowe Mountain Being Sold Time To Renegotiate The States Mountain Lease

January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017



VSEA members will hopefully remember a 2015 campaign by your union to convince lawmakers to insist that Vermont generate new revenue by renegotiating the "outdated leases" that an Auditor’s report said were costing Vermont money. The VSEA request came at the same time State officials and lawmakers were looking at more cuts to services and positions. Nothing happened with respect to the leases.

In just the past year, two resorts singled out in the Auditor’s report as having outdated leases have come up for sale, Jay Peak and now Stowe. To date, silence on the issue of what will happen with the resort’s mountain leases.

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