State Signs S. 72, Granting VSEA Members The Right To Bargain For Binding Arbitration

May 26, 2015


Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) President Shelley Martin (pictured here in red jacket) was at the Pavilion Building this morning to watch the Governor sign S. 72: an act relating to binding arbitration for state employees and other Vermont workers covered under the State Employee Labor Relations Act (SELRA). Currently, VSEA members, State Troopers and UVM employees are the only union workers in Vermont not permitted the right to bargain for grievance arbitration.

“VSEA members and our union representatives have been telling union leaders for years that they would like the right to bargain for a neutral arbitrator to decide grievances, which is why we lobbied so hard to get S. 72 passed and now signed into law,” explains Martin. "Again, I would stress that this bill only allows VSEA the right to bargain for this binding arbitration, and we must now sit down with the State to make it happen."


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