State Sends Out Information About Flood Preparation

Notice targeted right now at Montpelier & Waterbury

Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 11:06 AM
Subject: BGS Flood preparation – 3/9/2011 – Montpelier and statewide
BGS Flood Prep
2/9/2011 – @ 10:30 am
Based on the flood potential for State buildings located along the Winooski river, we met this morning to determine preventative steps that should occur to protect state buildings in Montpelier and Waterbury.  Additionally we wanted to raise the awareness across the state to make sure we were evaluating any of our properties that are prone to flooding. 
Notes from the meetings:
·         Facility staff in Montpelier will begin boarding up basement windows at 133 State St today.
·         This group will be looking at other buildings and make the low points accessible (remove snow) to sandbag or board at a later time.  
·         Security and local facility staff have connected with VEM and local emergency responders in Montpelier to make sure the right people are on the contact list so updates come directly to them.    John Hebert from facilities and Keith Grochowik are the primary contacts.    Bill Laferriere is the BGS VEM person and is on their alert list for any updates.
·         The Montpelier city web page is a good source of information on alerts and to see current status
·         At this time Montpelier is monitoring the river level and ice movement in the river and feeding information to VEM and the public.  They are working with Roger Hill on weather forecasts and changes that may be occurring.  VEM will be contacting the National Weather Service ( Burlington & Albany)  for updates and changes and sharing that information as it becomes available.   Current weather forecast is more favorable than earlier reports – rain levels decreased and temperatures decreased to freezing or below freezing at 0900 today.
·         BGS has verified the sandbag inventory statewide and have reported the results to VEM as an available asset.
·         In Montpelier, we are staging sand at Redstone to be available if needed to fill bags
·         Emergency response equipment in Montpelier and Waterbury is being inventoried and staged to be available if needed (pumps, hoses, gloves, lights, generators etc..)
·         It is recommended that all agencies review the COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) to make sure they are familiar with its contents and how to respond to emergency situations from an operational  standpoint.    If you need password updates or access assistance, Call BGS Security at  828-3316
·         At this time we are monitoring weather and working with local emergency responders to stay aware of the situation locally and statewide.
·         River monitoring can be seen at
I will update as information becomes available or situations change