State Employees In Potentially Sick Building(s) Not Returning Anytime Soon

April 5, 2017

April 5, 2017



The State held an informational meeting yesterday in St. Johnsbury to update employees on the results of the latest air testing at the state office building located at 67/72 Eastern Ave. The latest readings support preliminary testing that found very high levels of three harmful chemicals related to past dry cleaning establishments that previously occupied the space. The State has removed the 80+ employees out of the space and are moving them to new space, which may have to become permanent at some point. Still lots more to come on all this.

Here is some press about yesterday’s meeting:

Resources For VSEA Members With Questions:

  • Inquiries about health issues:
    Vermont Department of Health: 1-800-439-8550

  • Inquiries about the chemicals:
    Department of Environmental Conservation, Trish Coppolino: 802-249-5822

  • Current employees inquiring about payroll issues, other administrative issues:
    Department of Human Resources: 802-828-3491

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