State Employees Endorse in Primary Elections

June 16, 2022

MONTPELIER, Vt.— The Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA), a union representing almost 6,000 state employees across Vermont, announced its endorsements today for the upcoming primary election. 

“These are an outstanding group of committed, pro-state employee candidates whom we feel we can rely on to stand with us when the going gets tough,” said Aimee Bertrand Towne, VSEA’s president. VSEA’s member-driven endorsement process involves multiple stages of review of each candidate’s elective and legislative history, and of each candidate’s responses to a questionnaire crafted by VSEA members. This round of the union’s endorsements only considered candidates with contested primaries; all other candidates will be considered for endorsement during VSEA’s general election endorsement process later this year.

VSEA’s endorsed candidates in contested primary elections are as follows:

Statewide Candidates

U.S. Senate (Democratic Primary)

  • Peter Welch

U.S. House (Democratic Primary)

  • Molly Gray

Lieutenant Governor (Democratic Primary)

  • David Zuckerman

Secretary of State (Democratic Primary)

  • Chris Winters

Attorney General (Democratic Primary)

  • Rory Thibault

Vermont Senate

Chittenden Central (Democratic Primary)

  • Philip Baruth
  • Tanya Vyhovsky

Chittenden Southeast (Democratic Primary)

  • Thomas Chittenden
  • Kesha Ram Hinsdale
  • Virginia “Ginny” Lyons

Washington (Democratic Primary)

  • Andrew Perchlik
  • Anne Watson

Windham (Democratic Primary)

  • Wichie Artu
  • Nader Hashim

Vermont House of Representatives

Chittenden-4 (Democratic Primary)

  • Christina Deeley

Chittenden-5 (Democratic Primary)

  • Mike Yantachka

Orange-2 (Democratic Primary)

  • Lance Mills

Washington-4 (Democratic Primary)

  • Conor Casey
  • Kate McCann

Washington-5 (Democratic Primary)

  • Zachary Sullivan

Windsor-1 (Democratic Primary)

  • Paul Belaski
  • Elizabeth Burrows

Windsor-6 (Democratic Primary)

  • Kevin “Coach” Christie

Windsor-Orange-2 (Democratic Primary)

  • Jim Masland

State’s Attorney

Addison County (Democratic Primary)

  • Tim Lueders-Dumont

Washington County (Democratic Primary)

  • Bridget Grace