Social Media Coordinator

May 22, 2024

New Media: 

  • Develop and incorporate new media strategies and social media into campaigns being conducted by VSEA Departments. 
  • Develop and implement targeting and placement of paid advertisements (Google and Facebook, advertisements, etc.) to support various VSEA campaigns and political action. 
  • Help administer, design, and troubleshoot website and mobile App. 
  • Coordinate production of member/outreach/communications bulletins, action alerts, event announcements, special appeals, and electronic newsletters. 
  • Assist in design of attractive and inviting electronic and hard copy communications to the membership. 
  • Keep VSEA’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social media accounts current through postings, photos, video content, creative work, and links. 
  • Work directly with VSEA leaders and Organizing, Legislative and Communications staff to get pictures, quotes, and video clips that bring public employees’ voices into campaign materials. 
  • Ability to meet what are sometimes tight deadlines. 
  • Capture and edit photos and video for in-house materials and productions; and 
  • Perform other duties as required to support VSEA and its mission. 
  • Regular Travel to worksites, meetings, and the State House to capture video content for social media and other purposes that promote the members of the VSEA and the work of their union. 
  • Train members of the VSEA and the VSEA Staff on the use of social media, communications, communications software, and website management 
  • Create and manage a regular paid social media paid advertising campaign.  
  • Assist members and retirees with website and social media log-in, data transfer or other issues. 
  • Serve as liaison between VSEA and Massachusetts Website Administrator, Prometheus Labor.   

The successful candidate will have: 

  • One year or more of experience working in communications for a labor union; preferably to include communications work on an organizing campaign or other high-profile union issues or campaigns.  
  • Proven experience in developing social and new media campaign strategies and programs. 
  • Reliable transportation 
  • A commitment to use communications strategies to bring working people’s voices and issues to influence statewide debate on public services. 
  • Must possess working knowledge of WordPress, Final Cut Pro, InDesign (or similar software program), Microsoft Office and Excel and Photoshop (or similar software program), as well as experience working with email management systems (e.g. MailChimp); 
  • Working knowledge of how to operate digital cameras, both photo and video. 
  • Excellent writing, editing, design and interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Degree in media, communications, marketing, writing, or related area; and 
  • A commitment to justice for working Vermonters. 

Please send resumes to by June 11, 2024