Sign The VSEA Petition To Ensure VVH & VPCH Workers Have Essential Protective Equipment


VSEA was asked by members working at the Vermont Veterans’ Home and the Vermont Psychiatric Care Facility to generate a petition to engage VSEA members, retirees and the public in a campaign to ensure workers at these critical healthcare facilities have the protective equipment they need, if, and when, the coronavirus presents in their facility. Right now, the workers say they don’t have the equipment they need and that guidance from management is muddled, if at all. Answers are also in short supply.

This is what it has come to Vermonters. Please help these dedicated and brave workers on the frontlines of this crisis by signing their petition, which reads:

I Support VSEA Frontline Health Care Workers!

We, the undersigned, call on Vermont’s congressional delegation, state lawmakers and the Scott Administration to immediately address the coronavirus-related equipment and communication concerns of frontline health care workers, working at the Vermont Veterans’ Home and Vermont Psychiatric Care Facility. These workers must immediately have the protective equipment they require (i.e. N95 masks) and management must be talking with frontline workers and working with them to provide the best care possible to Vermonters during this health care crisis.

You can sign the petition online here!