Seven Days Shay Totten Reports Some Top-Level State Officials Have Received Raises

"In all, Shumlin is spending $400,000 more than Douglas on top execs, and he’s not done hiring yet."

VSEA is hoping the Governor’s office will issue a statement clarifying the increases and the reasons they happened, especially in the current economic climate.

More With More

Former Gov. Jim Douglas often said Vermonters should get used to a government doing “less with less.” Gov. Peter Shumlin’s motto seems to be closer to “Do more with more.”

A report provided to “Fair Game” by the Department of Human Resources shows that Shumlin’s got his own stimulus program going for some top appointees.

Ag Secretary Chuck Ross is earning $115,000, compared to predecessor Roger Allbee’s salary of $109,000. Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller is taking home $115,000; previous secretary Kevin Dorn pulled down $104,000. Natural Resources Secretary Deb Markowitz is earning $115,000 annually, up from the $104,000 earned by Jonathan Wood.

Administration Secretary Jeb Spaulding and Transportation Secretary Brian Searles are earning $115,000, the same as their predecessors — Neale Lunderville and David Dill, respectively.

Human Services Secretary Doug Racine is earning $115,000 — less than outgoing Secretary Rob Hofmann, who was earning $121,000. Meanwhile, Susan Wehry, the new commissioner of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, is getting $115,000 a year; her predecessor Joan Senecal earned $80,000.

A few other select commissioners are earning more than those before them: Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry and Forest, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder are both making $88,000, up from the $79,000 earned by Wayne Laroche and Sarah Clark. Environmental Conservation Commissioner David Mears is earning $92,000, up from Justin Johnson’s $82,000. Johnson is staying on as Mears’ deputy at his old salary.

The biggest jump? BISHCA Commissioner Steve Kimbell is bringing home $127,000. His predecessor, Mike Bertrand, earned $92,000. Paulette Thabault, who had the job before Bertrand, got about $96,000.

In all, Shumlin is spending $400,000 more than Douglas on top execs, and he’s not done hiring yet.

Meanwhile, he’s asking state employees to give up $12 million that once went to their retirement and health care plans. That’s on top of pay cuts that union employees accepted more than a year ago.