Senate Passes Budget Bill

April 27, 2016



Yesterday afternoon, the Senate passed its FY2017 budget bill.

The following senators voted for the bill:

Ashe, Ayer, Balint, Baruth, Bray, Campbell, Campion, Cummings, Flory, Kitchel, Lyons, MacDonald, Mazza, Mullin, Nitka, Riehle, Rodgers, Sears, Sirotkin, Starr, Westman, White, and Zuckerman

The following Senators voted against the bill:

Benning, Collamore, Degree, Doyle, and Pollina

The budget includes funding for a host of VSEA priorities; it:

1) Fully funds the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches;

2) Restores $500,000 in security funding for state government;

3) Requires the Department of Corrections to reach an agreement to continue the operations of the St. Johnsbury Work Camp;

4) Funds the Community High School of Vermont;

5) Funds the Vermont Veterans’ Home, with a requirement that the Home submit a report about the use of temporary workers, overtime, and call outs;

6) Adds the Department of Corrections and the Agency of Natural Resources to the Position Pilot Program; a successful program that allows agencies and departments to hire more classified employees and reduce reliance on temporary workers and mandatory overtime;

7) Mandates that E911 call-taking continued to be provided by State PSAPs unless otherwise directed by the legislature.

8) Includes a base funding increase of $600,000 for the Vermont State Colleges.

9) Adds funds for the replacement of cruisers for the Vermont State Police



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