Secy’ Of The Admin’s Comment About Team Scott’s “Laissez Faire” Approach To Looming Shutdown Provides Zero Comfort To VSEA

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June 15, 2018  

June 15, 2018  



In a VTDigger story this morning about Governor Scott’s latest fun with his veto pen, there’s this disturbing passage about Secretary of the Administration Suzanne Young’s response to a possible shutdown:


From the story:


"Secretary of Administration Susanne Young said the administration doesn’t have a contingency plan in place because there’s still ample time to reach an agreement with lawmakers.


‘We don’t believe there’s going to be a government shutdown. We’re planning to be fully operational on July 1,’ Young said.


‘We’re confident that the Legislature does not want operations, any operations, to stop on July 1,’ she added, “and we’re confident that we’re going to find a path forward with them.’”


Anyone else feeling confident? Must be nice to have the luxury to be insulated from this madness just because you work on the fifth floor of the Pavilion Building. Remember, many fifth-floor employees are state employees too. Some will even retire with a state employee pension. They should remind themselves of this little fact every once in a while.

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