Scott Administration Announces Phone Numbers For “Essential Employees” To Call, If Child Care Needed

March 19, 2020

The Scott Administration is announcing that “essential employees” who need child care to fight the coronavirus outbreak can now call these numbers for assistance:

Call 211 ext. 6, or 1-877-705-9008

Essential Persons List for Covid-19 Response

Updated March 18, 2020

• Staff and providers of childcare and education services (including custodial and kitchen staff and other support staff) who do not do their work remotely;

• Providers of healthcare including but not limited to workers at clinics, hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs); nursing homes, long-term care and post-acute care facilities, respite houses, VNAs; designated agencies, emergency medical services;

• Criminal justice personnel including those in law enforcement, courts, and correctional services;

• Public health employees;

• Firefighters;

• Vermont National Guard personnel called to duty for this response; other first responders;

• State employees determined to be essential for response to this crisis by the State Emergency Operations Center; at this time, all State of Vermont employees are considered Essential Persons

• Active duty military staff

• Pharmacy staff

• Foster families with children through grade 8.

• 2-1-1 call center staff

• Critical infrastructure / utility workers – electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, water/ wastewater operators and staff

• State, Municipal, and Commercial Public Works or Sanitation crews

• Grocery and food supply workers

• Supply chain, postal, and delivery drivers

• Manufacturers of medical devices, equipment, testing equipment, and supplies

• Fuel distribution workers

This list will be updated frequently as this situation evolves.

You can go to this website for updates.