Reclassify VSEA Judiciary Unit Docket Clerks Today!

May 14, 2016


VSEA’s NMU, Supervisory and Corrections Units are just now emerging mostly victorious (losing the Risk Management Division with no apparent successor named, nor savings demonstrated, is a definite and unfortunate loss) months of very tough bargaining with the Shumlin Administration. Now your union’s Judiciary Unit is in a tough fight to secure a new contract agreement with Vermont Court Administrator, Patricia Gabel.

One particular group of Judiciary Unit employees, docket clerks, has been fighting for a reclassification and more pay for a long time now, and the Judiciary Unit Bargaining Team made their fight a bargaining priority for this round of negotiations, but, to date, Ms. Gabel is refusing to entertain the idea.

VSEA docket clerks decided to make a video to send a personal message to Ms. Gabel, and the workers are asking VSEA members to please share the video far and wide to educate Vermonters about their fight for a fair wage and reclassification.

Thanks in advance for your support!



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