Rebuffed Again, VSEA Judiciary Members Adopt New Tactic To Get Management To The Table

November 6, 2015


VSEA Judiciary members working in courthouses across Vermont ramped up their efforts this week to get management to come to the bargaining table, after management informed the workers recently that it is unwilling to come to the table until mid-December. Workers had filed an unfair labor practice to try to force management to begin bargaining right now with the Unit, in advance of having to submit a budget to the legislature, but it was recently dismissed by the Labor Board on a technicality. Following the ULP’s dismissal, VSEA members wrote a letter to management, asking them again to come to the table, but the answer they heard back was “not until mid-December.”

Not happy with taking no for an answer, VSEA Judiciary members decided this week to pose with a formal invitation to management to come to the table. We are happy to share some of the workers’ photos with you above, in the form of a video slideshow. The photos are being sent to Judiciary management as well.


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