President Towne’s Letter To Administration, Questioning Its Return-To-Work Mandate

Dear Governor Scott: 

VSEA would like to commend you for your leadership and guidance throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. As COVID cases continue to rise–and the November 1, 2021, reopening of State offices quickly approaches–I am hearing concerns from our members about being required to return to their offices. They are concerned about exposure to the virus, particularly given that we are seeing more aggressive variants of COVID-19. Employees are concerned about their health, their coworkers’ health, and the health of their families, especially those who have or live with someone that has a compromised immune system. 

VSEA has also heard from parents and grandparents responsible for the care of young children who have not yet been given the opportunity to be vaccinated. There also appears to be confusion over policy as it relates to instances of mandatory quarantine for the children. With the potential of vaccinations for children on the horizon and expansion of availability of vaccinations and boosters to our Vermont community, VSEA is urging you to consider delaying the reopening of State offices until January 1, 2022.  This would provide the additional time necessary to get this current increase and community spread under control.   


Aimee Bertrand Towne

President, VSEA