President Reese Reminds Members That 2011 Has 27 Bi-Weekly Pay Periods

Anomoly means no premiums deducted from state employees’ 6/18 – 6/30 pay check!!

From VSEA President John Reese:
Unlike most other years, fiscal year 2011 has 27 bi-weekly pay periods, instead of 26.  This was identified during the budget preparation for FY11, and it was assumed that active employees would have 26 pay periods of premium deduction.  We have received notification from the Secretary of Administration advising that we not deduct premiums from the 27th (last) pay period in fiscal year 2011.  This will be the pay period ending 6/18/11 and corresponding check date of 6/30/11. 
For the 6/30 check date, no premium will be charged to employees or departments and agencies for Medical, Dental, Life, LTD, or the Employee Assistance Plan.  The rate holiday does not affect the retirement contribution.  The retirement contribution for both employee and State shares will be withheld from the 6/30 check as normal.  Please notify employees of this change to the 6/30 check.