Podcast Educates About What It’s Truly Like To Be A DCF Worker, From The Frontlines

January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016

From a recent meeting of legislators (Reps. Ann Pugh and Maida Townsend pictured here) who were meeting face to face with VSEA DCF workers to hear about their concerns.







"The people we never hear from are the people who actually do the work. And this is by design. The work that DCF caseworkers do is intensely private, and in order to protect the privacy of parents and children, caseworkers are not allowed to talk publicly about their cases. In a way, their silence shields us from some of the darkest, most complex, most intractable problems in our state. These are the problems that DCF caseworkers live with every day."

Be advised there is some difficult content discussed here.

VSEA thanks the workers who agreed to be interviewed for this piece. Your union appreciates the important work you do every day–24/7.

Listen To The Full Story Here


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