Petition To Governor Scott


Dear Governor Scott:

Members of the Vermont State Employees’ Association are proud of the work we do and the services we provide to all Vermonters. Nearly every day, we are assisting Vermonters in need, and—as experts in our fields—we stand ready to assist you as you step into your new role as Vermont’s newly elected Governor.

VSEA members know that the 2017 legislative session is presenting you and lawmakers with many challenges, and we implore you to include frontline state employees in discussions about how to address these challenges. Working together, we believe we can overcome many of these obstacles, and state employees are ready to help. In exchange, we ask the following:

  • Invest in public services, not in private contractors;
  • Protect state employees’ benefits, especially our defined benefit pension plan, because this benefit plays a large part in attracting and retaining new talent to state government;
  • Enhance state employees’ safety and security while at work; and
  • Respect state employees’ right to collectively bargain.

VSEA members are ready to work collaboratively with you, Governor Scott, to get the job done for all Vermonters.