Out-Of-State, Anti-Union Group Writes VT Senators To Oppose VSEA’s Arbitration Legislation

April 12, 2019 

April 12, 2019 


Virginia-Based Group Attempts To Extend Its
Reach Into Vermont.

VSEA’s legislative team was made aware yesterday of a letter opposing VSEA’s arbitration bill that was recently sent to Vermont Senators by the National Right-To-Work Foundation; an anti-union, corporate-funded group based in Springfield, Virginia.

Obviously, this group has been led to believe that VSEA’s bill is a real threat to the current system, which they appear to favor. This should tell every VSEA member all they need to know about the current system and why VSEA is proposing to change it.

Here’s background on VSEA’s bill. in case you run into a Senator or want to send of message to them, supporting VSEA’s bill.

VSEA’s bill would provide for binding arbitration of contract disputes for workers in the state, the state colleges, and municipal public safety. The bill would keep the current system of resolving contract disputes through the submission of last-best-offer proposals, but would replace the VLRB with a private arbitrator, selected by both parties. This would ensure that your contract is decided by truly neutral professional, rather than by a Board appointed by the governor. If passed, this legislation would resolve the problem VSEA member faced in 2018, when the State appointed a management lawyer to a neutral position on the Board on the day before the last-best-offer hearing.




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