Negotiation Notes

October 6, 2023

A message from VSEA Labor Relations Director Gary Hoadley:

An informed membership is vital during contract negotiations, which are happening right now. To keep members informed on the status of contract negotiations for the Executive Branch (Non-Management, Supervisory, and Corrections) Units, I will be issuing periodic updates titled “Negotiation Notes” which will be posted in the Members Only section of the VSEA website where it cannot be viewed by the public. Under the Ground Rules between the VSEA and the State, and rulings by the Vermont Labor Relations Board, bargaining information cannot be placed on a publicly accessible portion of a website or otherwise disseminated to the press or the general public.

The Bargaining Teams also want to stress the importance of membership input throughout negotiations so Team members better understand members’ priorities. Members can contact their respective Bargaining Team for updates and to share your thoughts on negotiations.

Stay informed and stay active. It’s your union and your contract. Your voice matters.

View 2023 Non-Management, Corrections, and Supervisory Unit Bargaining Negotiation Notes Here!

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