Myth That Vermont Has More Public Workers Than Most New England States Debunked – Again

May 25, 2017

The myth that Vermont has more public employees per capita than most New England states was alive and well during last year’s campaign season, but it’s been debunked before and now it’s being debunked again in a new study to determine "public sector workers as a percentage of state’s total workforce" numbers for all states.

Across New England the percentages were:

  • Vermont = 14.8%
  • Connecticut = 14.8%
  • Maine = 15.9%
  • Massachusetts = 12.6%
  • New York = 16.8%
  • New Hampshire = 14.4%

Next time you hear the myth, please educate with the facts! Oh, and please never forget that Vermont does not have a county government structure in place like most of these other states. This puts an even greater burden on Vermont’s state employees.

Read The Study Here

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