Member Dues Structure

Committee Chair: Vacant Seat – Please contact for more information.

VSEA Staff Liaisons:

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Phillip Ainslie
  • Dylan Frazer
  • Shane Gerrity
  • Brad Herring
  • Kay Hopper
  • Sawyer Joecks
  • Pierre Lamarche
  • Leslie Matthews
  • Maureen O’Day
  • Michael Sanderson
  • Susan Shontelle-Smith
  • Bob Stone

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President.

Committee Goals:

Fulfill the March 2006 VSEA Council Motion: 

  1. Study and offer information and recommendations as appropriate of the VSEA dues structure.
  2. Determine whether a more equitable structure can be recommended for the consideration of the general membership at a VSEA Annual Meeting.
  3. Investigate the dues structures for comparable public service unions and evaluate the effects of a possible equitable dues structure (i.e. dues as a proportion of salary).

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