Lt. Governor Zuckerman Says Its Time For New Leadership At The Vermont Veterans’ Home Staff

In response to an August 12 Bennington Banner article, “Vermont Veterans’ Home Nurses Call for Changes in Leadership,” Lt. Governor Zuckerman offered the following statement:

“I stand with the hard-working staff at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in their campaign for new leadership. For too long, these frontline workers have had to endure management that undermines their dignity as professionals. Staff morale is seriously hurt from management favoritism, disparaging comments about workers, and a refusal to seriously discuss employee complaints. Now though, management has endangered their safety — and the safety of the veterans they so selflessly serve. Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.”

The Lt. Governor will be meeting today via zoom with nurses from the Vermont Veteran’s Home to listen to their concerns and identify ways to keep our state employees, Veterans and their families, and the entire Bennington community safe.

Note: Appreciate the public support LG!