Legislature’s Workers’ Caucus Sends Letter To Senate Economic Development Committee Members, Opposing O’Neill Confirmation

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April 26, 2018:



Yesterday, the legislature’s "Workers’ Caucus" (a group of pro-worker, pro-union lawmakers) sent a letter to Senate Economic Development Committee Chair Michael Sirotkin, voicing their collective opposition to the confirmation of Karen O’Neill to a VLRB "neutral" seat.

The letter reads:


We, the undersigned members of the Working Vermonters’ Caucus write in strong opposition to the confirmation of Karen O’Neill to a neutral seat on the Vermont Labor Relations Board. As indicated by her résumé, Ms. O’Neill has a long history in management, including as an attorney and shareholder at Gravel & Shea, a firm that touts its history of “successfully defeat[ing] union organizing drives.” We have seen no evidence of countervailing experience in Labor that might qualify her to credibly serve as a neutral member.


While Ms. O’Neill might be eminently qualified to serve as a management member of the board, her appointment as a neutral makes a mockery of the Labor Board process, and would leave working Vermonters with little faith that their cases before the Board would be adjudicated in a fair manner.



Thank you for your consideration of this crucially important matter.





Rep. Johannah Donovan, Co-Chair


Rep. Cynthia Weed, Co-Chair




The Honorable Alison Clarkson


The Honorable Philip Baruth


The Honorable Becca Balint


The Honorable David Soucy



Thanks so much to Vermont Workers’ Caucus members for their support!


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