Judiciary Member Records Radio Ad, Calling For Fair Process To Resolve Pay Disputes

LG Judiciary Member Records Radio Ad Calling For Fair Process To Resolve Pay Disputes

September 23, 2016

September 23, 2016



In an effort to elevate the fight by Vermont Docket Clerks to secure a fair hearing process to resolve pay disputes, VSEA Judiciary Unit member Beth Aiken recorded a 30-second radio spot that begins a two-week run on Monday, September 26. The ad will appear on radio stations across Vermont. In the ad, Aiken also reminds Vermonters that Docket Clerks are leaving the position at an alarming rate and that their pay remains very low—and they have no recourse to address this reality. The ad ends with an ask to Vermonters to sign an online petition to support the Docket Clerks and all Judiciary workers.

Listen To The Radio Ad:

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