In Tough Negotiations, VSEA NMU Members Send Photo Messages To The State

January 15, 2016


VSEA members belonging to the Non-Management Unit have been sending in pictures of themselves all week. In the photos, members are holding signs of many sizes and shapes, each with a message for State contract negotiators. The NMU members were responding to a request from Unit leaders to demonstrate their solidarity by wearing green and snapping a photo-of-support on January 11, which was the NMU Bargaining Team’s first day of fact finding.

The response was terrific. So much so, in fact, the Communications Department has produced videos that feature some and all and all of the photos submitted. Because the number of photos from AOT workers was so great, a special video featuring just them is also part of the mix.

To view VSEA’s Facebook page, featuring the videos and more photos,
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