Important Notice! VSEA Union Representative Territories Are Changing!

May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

New Approach To Pair Union Reps With Specific Agencies/Departments

VSEA Organizing Director Vinnie O’Connor and Field Services Director Gretchen Naylor announced, via email to all members, that, beginning Monday, May 23, VSEA’s six Union Representatives will now be assigned to specific state agencies and departments, as opposed to regions and territories, which has been the practice.

In case you missed it, here is what O’Connor wrote to members in his email about the change:

Last year, in an effort to provide more targeted, hands-on support for hundreds of state employees working in the Agency of Transportation, a decision was made to assign one VSEA Union Representative almost exclusively to this Unit. The experiment was very successful, and now VSEA leaders want to duplicate its success by making similar Unit/Agency VSEA Union Representative assignments statewide and across government.

At its May 12 meeting, the VSEA Board of Trustees voted to approve this staff reshuffling, and here are some of the reasons they gave for the decision:

  • Greater efficiency to provide services to VSEA members;
  • Continuity of service for members and employer;
  • Streamline operations;
  • Tracking workplace trend’s by Departments/Agencies; and
  • Building stronger member leaders on Departmental issues.

Please note that this reshuffling will not impact the status of any current Union Representative’s caseload, meaning the Union Representative originally assigned to your case will see it through with you to resolution.

Here is a list of the new Union Representative assignments:

Rachael Fields

Health Access Eligibility Unit
Department of Aging & Independent Living
Department of Health
Department of Mental Health
Department of Vermont Health Access
Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital
Vermont Veterans’ Home

Brian Morse

Judiciary Unit
State Colleges’ Unit
Supervisory Unit (except AOT)

Mike O’Day

Department of Corrections (North)
Department of Public Safety (North) – Civilian
Military Department
Sworn Law Enforcement (North)
Williston 911 Dispatch

Bob South

Buildings & General Services
Criminal Justice Training Center
Department of Corrections (South)
Department of Liquor Control
Department of Liquor Control Warehouse
Department of Public Safety (South)
Emergency 911 Board
Rockingham 911 Dispatch
Sworn Law Enforcement (South)

Nikolas Stein

Agency of the Administration
Agency of Agriculture
Agency of Commerce and Community Development
Agency of Education
Agency of Human Services (Central)
Agency of Natural Resources
Department for Children & Families
Department of Financial Regulation
Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (Civilian)
Department of Innovation & Information
Department of Labor
Department of Libraries
Department of Taxes
Green Mountain Care Board
Public Service Board
Secretary of State’s Office
Treasurer’s Office
Vermont Lottery

Dave Van Deusen

Agency of Transportation
Agency of Transportation Supervisors
Department of Motor Vehicles (Except Sworn Law Enforcement)
Office of the Defender General
Vermont State Housing Authority