February 15, 2018: Your Calls To Governor Needed! Return To The Bargaining Table!



From Your NMU, Corrections & Supervisory Unit Bargaining Teams:

Background: Last week, VSEA and the State received a neutral, fact-finder’s report with his written findings and recommendations for a successor collective bargaining agreement. Your Corrections, Supervisory, and Non-Management Unit Bargaining Teams have reviewed the fact finder’s recommendations, and are prepared to meet with the Scott Administration to attempt a negotiated settlement. Under Vermont statute, VSEA and the Administration have a timeframe of 20 days, following receipt of the fact finder’s report, to negotiate an agreement. If a dispute still remains after 20 days, VSEA must take its case to the Vermont Labor Relations Board for a "last-best-offer" decision. It is extremely important for the State to consider the fact finder’s recommendations and return to the bargaining table today, prepared to negotiate a fair contract settlement for state employees belonging to these three Units. This is the final stage to reach a negotiated settlement, but time is quickly running out.

The Ask: It is vital that the Administration hear immediately and directly from as many state employees as possible. We strongly urge every VSEA member reading this important message to contact the Governor’s office TODAY by calling 802-828-3333 or write him an email HERE with this simple message:

"Governor Scott, My name is ______ , I work for ______ and I have  been a state employee for _____ years. I am asking the State to return to the bargaining table now, prepared to negotiate a fair contract settlement with state employees represented by the VSEA."

Thank you in advance for your calls and emails!

If you have questions about this email please feel free to contact VSEA by phone (802-223-5247) or email (vsea@vsea.org)


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