Elections, Rules And Nominating (ERN) Committee

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Chair: Vacant Seat
    Please contact
    vsea@vsea.org for more information.
  • Dave Bellini
  • Ruth Leithead
  • Sandra Noyes
  • Holly Peake

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President for the purpose of reviewing the ERN rules and making recommendations for change. The committee shall meet as necessary to carry out its duties as elections committee.

To ensure notice and time deadlines to the membership for VSEA elected and appointed positions.

To maintain a procedure for obtaining petitions.

To maintain a procedure for verification of petitions submitted.

To recommend qualified VSEA member-candidates for elected office in the event petitions are not filed.

To oversee VSEA elections and ballot counts.

To recommend and maintain, upon approval of the Board of Trustees, policy and procedures governing rules of elections for VSEA.

To determine, upon request of the President and investigation, the appropriateness of any election irregularity not covered by the jurisdiction of the Judicial Board, and report such findings to the President or designee.




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