Does Sexual Harassment Policy Data DHR Is Sharing Truly Reflect The Scope Of The Issue Across State Government?

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December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017


VT Press Begins Looking At State Employee Sexual Harassment Policy, But Does The Data DHR Is Sharing Truly Reflect The Scope Of The Issue Across State Government?


WPTZ had a story last night about Gov. Scott questioning the Department of Human Resources (DHR) about "how the state handles claims" of sexual harassment.

In the piece, DHR’s Deputy Commissioner tells the reporter, "In the last five years, an average of 10 sexual harassment complaints are filed per year within state departments.


“With an employee base of well over 8,000 that’s a significant, but not an outrageous number,” he add.


Whoa, wait a second…


VSEA recently filed a records request to DHR, seeking any and all documents listing sexual harassment complaints by Agency or Department from January 2014 to present. Here is the communication VSEA received back from DHR about the request:


"Documents specifically listing or tallying sexual harassment complaints are not maintained, however I was able to pull the data on number of cases by Agency or Department from our investigations tracking system.


"Big difference here between actual complaints versus cases actually investigated, don’t you think? Maybe DHR might want to address this glaring omission while reviewing the issue for the Governor.


Extra: Here’s an opinion piece that published recently, explaining how belonging to a union is a great tool and resource for workers to combat workplace sexual harassment.

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