Diversity Committee

Committee Chair: Jackie Hickerson, jacklyn.hickerson@vermont.gov

Clerk: Ashley Hellman: ashley.hellman@vermont.gov

VSEA Staff Liaison: David Oppenheimer, doppenheimer@vsea.org


Why does this group exist?

  • To promote the diversity of VSEA through awareness and education.
  • To raise up the voices of members who are underrepresented and/or marginalized within VSEA and to help facilitate a more inclusive work environment for all.


What does the future look like if the group is successful?

  • VSEA leadership recognizes the importance of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable union and responds proactively when the right to due process also harms members.
  • All VSEA members feel comfortable challenging problematic behaviors and expressing concerns when they arise.
  • Resources are provided that promote equitable access and opportunity for all VSEA members to achieve a just and prosperous union.
  • Policies are created that promote, support, and retain diversity and inclusion in VSEA leadership and the SoV workforce.


How are we going to make the group’s vision a reality? 

  • Invite/retain Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speakers for regular presentations.
  • Build empathy by sharing stories of VSEA members and the social justice issues that personally affect them.
  • Show the historical and modern relationship between unions, the labor movement, and social justice movements.

Committee Documents:

Members Serving On Committee:

  • Beth Aiken
  • Wendy Critchlow
  • Kheya Ganguly
  • Monika Ganguly-Kiefner
  • Marcie Hawkins
  • Ashley Hellman
  • Bee Hesselbach
  • Jackie Hickerson
  • Marcus Marena
  • Caroline Massa
  • Erin McKenney
  • Maureen Mucha
  • J. Deborah Ormsbee
  • Siobhan Perricone
  • Cheryl Reed
  • Kristina Sweet
  • Martin Verma

The committee will meet in accordance with the schedule established by the President.

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