Congratulations DCF 3SquaresVT Workers!

March 27, 2015

What A Turnaround!

VSEA sent huge congratulations this week to state employees working for DCF’s 3SquaresVT food program. In a March 25 memo to DCF ESD workers, Deputy Commissioner Sean Brown said he recently learned that Vermont was named the most improved state in the nation for FY2014 in terms of lowering its processing error rate. The Program’s error rate dropped from 9.81% in FY2013 to just 2.58% in FY2014. As a result, Vermont expects to receive a monetary “bonus” this year for its efforts, as opposed to being penalized over the past few years.

“I cannot even begin to express how proud I am to work with such a dedicated and talented group of staff across the state,” wrote Brown. These two achievements belong to you and are the result of your amazing work over the past year. Simply put, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!!

Brown’s thanks is well deserved, as this is a group of workers who were tasked years ago with trying to make an ill-conceived “modernization” plan work, and who suffered detrimental position cuts during the height of Vermont’s recession—just as need for the food program was peaking.

“These ESD workers have struggled mightily for years to do the best they could with the resources provided,” said VSEA President Shelley Martin. “Once the workers’ suggestions were listened to and the past position cuts were restored, the ship began to turn around, and the result is fantastic. The issues that led to the DCF error-rate mess should serve as a prime example of how service and job cuts hurt Vermonters.”


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